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Learning Journey to MNCs

The learning journey is designed to enable students who are interested in science and technology to discover how top manufacturing MNCs drive technological innovation to meet engineering challenges in the 21st century.
Through their interactions with researchers, engineers and business leaders in these companies, students will learn why it is important to nurture their inventive minds through tapping into their passion, imagination and engagement, so that they can open more doors to the wide spectrum of career opportunities in our increasingly globalized, high-tech society.
Companies have been categorized under three clusters:

Cluster A:
Technology & Modern Living
Cluster B:
Invention & Innovation
Cluster C:
Men & Machines

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Cluster A: Technology & Modern Living
Recommended for students who are interested to discover how technological innovations have changed the way we live, work and communicate.
(1)Applied Materials
The application of nanomanufacturing technology to improve the way people live is the focus of Applied Material’s engineering business. These involve designing systems that build structures thousands of times thinner than a human hair, and do so reliably, day after day. The interactions among these nano-scale structures create challenges at the atomic level. To overcome them, the engineers and scientists at Applied Materials work at the frontiers of physics and materials science to develop new nanomanufacturing techniques.
High-tech manufacturers will approach Applied Materials with their innovative ideas; and Applied Materials will provide the equipment and processes to help these companies realize their ideas efficiently, reliably and on a massive scale. For example, when mobile phones first appeared in the early 1980s, they were big, heavy, and only did one thing: make phone calls. By introducing technologies that increased the performance of semiconductor chips while extending battery life, Applied Materials helped make feature-rich smart phones affordable and ubiquitous. Intel Mobile Communications is one of their many customers.
Duration: ½ day visit comprising tour of clean rooms, interaction with scientists and engineers and hands-on session to build your own solar car model
(2)Intel Mobile Communications
IMC is committed to connecting the world with its innovative portfolio of innovative seamless wireless solutions. Today, the company powers some of the world’s best-selling smartphones, tablets and Ultra-Low-Cost/Entry phones. IMC offers cost-effective 2G/3G single-chip platforms for ULC /Entry phones as well as 3G/4G slim modem and RF solutions for smartphones and connected devices.
Going forward, IMC is aiming for the best user experience in the world where computing and telecommunications technologies are converging. Innovations in IMC will range from providing solutions for slim modems to complete platform designs. IMC’s outstanding knowledge in digital radio designs together with its proven hardware and software system integration expertise paves the way for even higher performance modems and system platforms – running at lowest power on the smallest footprints.
Duration: 1 day visit comprising tour, sharing of case stories, interaction with scientists and engineers and design experiment session.

Cluster B: Invention & Innovation
Recommended for students who are interested to discover how ideas are taken from the research lab to the market. This is the process that creates wealth for the organization, which may often impact the industry and the larger community.
(3) 3M
When we think of 3M, most of us would immediately link it with Post-it Notes. But 3M is more than just a Post-it Notes company. To date, the company serves a multitude of consumer and industrial markets and is a market leader in many of these markets, which include electronics, oil and gas, shipbuilding, automotive aftermarket, construction, health care, semiconductor, aerospace, and consumer markets. It has successfully transformed itself from a sandpaper company in the early 1900s to a multi-national conglomerate business today. This process must have involved many product developments, which have resulted in breakthroughs.
To achieve breakthroughs is challenging, as it is not the same as merely producing line extensions and incremental improvements to existing products and services. To add to the challenge, the pace of change in today’s markets requires developers to come up with breakthroughs more regularly. So how has 3M managed to cope with such demands? Part of the answer can be found in the process they have developed which enables the generation of breakthrough products and services to be more systemic.
Duration: ½ day visit comprising tour of facilities, sharing of 3M’s New Product Introduction Cycle and interaction with scientists and engineers
(4) Qioptiq
Precision optical performance is an essential requirement found in many science and industry related works. Without it, quality will be compromised in research, industrial manufacturing and medical work; and in the area of defense, this will extend to security. Hence, optical engineering provides an important source of photonic solutions for challenges and problems faced in these fields.
Qioptiq Singapore is a one-stop optical solutions provider in the design and manufacture of precision optical components and assemblies for a broad range of defense and commercial market applications. In Qioptiq, the engineers customize solutions based on their customers’ product requirements. Hence, they need to learn how to innovate for breakthroughs, even in face of constraints.
Duration: ½ day visit comprising tour of facilities, sharing on Qioptiq’s business of custom design and how their engineers work alongside business teams and customers. Also hear the story of how one of the engineering specilialists started how his journey in optical engineering at the age of 11 when he experimented with lenses for his DIY telescope and wrote letters to scientists after being fascinated by a book on Astronomy.
GSK is a leading company in the healthcare industry, which is an interesting industry for our study because of the unique challenges such businesses will face. GSK is in a business that requires highly risky investments due to profound uncertainty and long time horizons for R&D. In an environment of rapid advances in drug science knowledge, scientists and engineers also need to learn fast to keep pace
with the changes as well as integrate capabilities across a broad spectrum of scientific and technological knowledge bases in order to bring research ideas from the lab to the market.
When we hear about GSK in school, we think immediately about science. However, due to the complex challenges the business faces, science contributes only one part of the company’s success. In GSK, scientists and engineers are not only engaged in R&D, they must also learn how to ensure the smooth and rapid transition of their newly developed products into full-scale manufacture, and the consistent supply of high quality products across the world.
Duration: ½ day visit comprising tour of GSK environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and facilities, sharing of GSK product life cycle and interaction with scientists and engineers
Makino is where new thinking takes shape in machine tools, machining technologies, engineering services, processes, and applications. Makino offers a wide range of precision metal-cutting and EDM production machinery, including horizontal maching centers, vertical machining centers, graphite machining centers and Ra EDM.
Makino technology is employed in every industry where metal is cut or molds are made. While all industries have their own machining processes, many unique to a given industry, such as aerospace; many processes transcend any one industry, such as micromachining.
Duration: 2 hours comprising tour of facilities and interaction with engineers
Cluster C: Men & Machines
Recommended for students who are itching to get close up and personal with engineers to discover what happens when men meet machines.
(7) Caterpillar
Caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. As Caterpillar machines are rugged and solid, some people are surpised to learn that Caterpillar technology is as advanced as any you're likely to find. Indeed, Caterpillar has travelled a long way in its history of innovation, from delivering the first steam-powered tractors for farming to breakthrough solutions in turbo charging technology, electronic controls, fuel systems, drive systems and more for construction, mining, transportation and industrial manufacturing purposes.
In view of its commitment to sustainable development, Caterpillar is driving positive, sustainable change through advanced processes and product innovation. As the world leader in remanufacturing, Cat Reman is making progress possible finding new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim materials which once would have gone into a landfill. In May 2011, the Remanufacturing Division of Cat Inc. set up a full-fledged remanufacturing facility in Singapore. Hence, the learning journey to Caterpillar is highly recommended for students who are interested to shadow engineers and learn more about their specific job responsibilities. Through these interactions, students will also be introduced to engineering principles and gain insight as to what engineers do.
Duration: 1 day Job shadowing engineers at work.
(8) Schlumberger
The energy industry is in a sector of ever-increasing importance and provides an excellent area for interdisciplinary studies – geology, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, engineering, computer technologies, politics, economics et cetera. In addition, oil is more technology dependent than most industries. The technology challenges, especially in the face of sustainable development, will require researchers, scientists and engineers to take the industry in creative new directions. Hence, the learning journey to Schlumberger is highly recommended for students who are passionate about the energy industry and are willing to commit themselves to learn more about the system complexities and product challenges faced by the researchers, scientists and engineers; and how these challenges or problems provide opportunities for breakthrough discoveries.
Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services company supplying technology, information solutions, and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry. Schlumberger supplies a wide range of products and services from seismic acquisition and processing; formation evaluation; well testing and directional drilling to well cementing and stimulation; artificial lift and well completions; and consulting, software, and information management.
Duration: 2 days Job shadowing engineers at work
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Cluster A: Technology & Modern Living
Applied Materials
14 Nov, 9-12pm
8 Upper Changi Road NorthSingapore 506906

20(~10 C1 students)
18 Nov, 9-5pm
Intel Mobile Communications8 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349282

Cluster B: Invention & Innovation
15 Nov, 2-5pm
100 Woodlands Ave 7Singapore 738205

Qioptiq(only S’pore citizens & PRs)
16 Nov, 2-5pm
No. 8 Tractor RoadSingapore 627 969

17 Nov, 2-5pm
1, Pioneer Sector 1Singapore 628413

Makino(fully covered shoes)
18 Nov, 1.30-3pm
2 Gul AvenueSingapore 629649

Cluster C: Men & Machines
Goodrich (tentative)
20 (tentative)
14 Nov (tentative)
41 Changi Crescent

16 Nov, 9-12pm
5 Tukang Innovation GroveSingapore 618304

21-22 Nov
7 Benoi Cresecent