Below are some resources that will help prep students on what they may encounter during the learning journey.

1) Welcome to the World of Manufacturing

2) Cluster A
2.1) Wireless Mobile Communication-About Intel's acquisition of Infineon Wireless Solutions

-Find out how your mobile phone works

-4 mobile communication trends for 2011

-Some interesting applications

near field communication

2.2) Applied Materials

-What are semiconductors and how they work
-Intro to Applied Materials
-About Applied Materials
- Applied Materials' importance in today's world

-How to make a chip by Applied Materials

- Inside the Applied Materials Labs

3) Cluster B
Invention and Innovation – Similar Words but Different Concepts 3M
-How breakthrough is your thinking?

-3M experience

-Overview of 3M innovations

-3M culture of innovation

-3M transparent flexible touchscreen concept

-3M Privacy Screen
-3M Clean Water

-3M Pet Hair Removal

-3M Pocket Projector

-32" Multi-Touch Screen

Article on 3M:

3.2) Optics & Photonics
-Photonics research at Bath University

-3D photonic crystals enhance light matter

-Advice for students interested in optics and photonics by SPIE – The International Society of Optics & Photonics

-story of lublub (optical specialist from Qioptiq)
Qioptiq Product Demo

Product Testimonial (Qioptiq - Defence and Aerospace)

Article on Qioptiq:

3.3) Pharmaceutical manufacturing

-Drug discovery process

-Synthesized pharmaceutical manufacturing plants

-Manufacturing of tablets

4) Cluster C
4.1) Oil & Gas
-Intro to oil and gas drilling by Energy Exploration International

-Intro to gas lift

-Schlumberger (download pdf files from links below)
-Schlumberger lifestyle

Oil and Related Issues

How does Artificial Lift Work?

All About Electric Submersible Pumps
Facts about Electric Submersible Pump(ESP) Technology

ESP Pumps

Effect of Vibration on ESP failures

Video on Shock and Vibration in Drilling Environment (Schlumberger)

Modification of ESP for "Gassy" wells

Schlumberger Reservoir Technology

Schlumberger Day in the Life of Field Engineer

4.2) Caterpillar
-Intro to Caterpillar
Intro To Caterpillar

-The Cat Remanufacturing Cycle

-Remanufacturing vs Recycling
4.3) Aerospace
-Intro to Goodrich

-An engineer profile fr Goodrich

Composite Materials

Fabrication Process

Product Testing Procedures

Strain Tests?
Ultimate strength Tests?
Electrical Conductivity Tests?
Hardness Tests?
Corrosion Tests?

Fault Detection / Evaluation Techniques