My Profile


In a nut shell:

Name: Sia Han Yung

Class: 4S2 2011

Age: 16

Interested in: Aviation, Science and Technology, Economics

Aspiration: A career in the field of aviation and to start up a business

Favourite Phrase: "To many, the sky is the limits, but for me, its just the beginning"

About Me:

Hi there, my name is Sia Han Yung, and I am a secondary 4 student currently studying in Hwa Chong Institution. I have a strong passion in the field of science and technology and have constantly maintained and up kept this passion by joining the Science and Math Talent Programme in my school. I have engaged in many of activities and competitions organized by the school and external organisations, especially in the field of aviation, where I specialize in. In school, I take a total of 11 subjects, of which 2 are optional. They comprise Chinese, English, Maths (A&E), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Geopolitics, and also the Defence Science Research Paper and Science Research Paper, which are optional. I find research and development to be fun, interesting, intriguing and rewarding at the end of it. At the end of the research project, I feel that my time and effort spent in the project was definitely worth it. In JC, I plan to take up a Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Economics combination, as this would provide me with the basic foundations and requirements to be a pilot/ engineer/ researcher. Also, a background in economics would allow me to market engineered products later in my life. In university, I would like to get a scholarship, and enter an overseas university, where I would either study aeronautical engineering. A few universities in mind are MIT and Imperial College London.

Apart from my academic life, let me share a bit of what I do during my leisure time, and what I do for my CCA. Being an avid fan of planes and everything that dues with aviation, I have participated in many activities that build up my knowledge in this area. My CCA is the Singapore Youth Flying Club, and I am currently working on a Private Pilot License which would allow me to fly a single propeller plane around the airspace of Singapore. Having to cope between my flying training and school commitments, time management is therefore of great importance to me. During my leisure time, I like to go swimming, bowling, play games of badminton with friends, or just close myself up in a room to play the piano. However, sad to say, with my busy schedule, free times are hard to come by, and therefore, I treasure the holidays and free time a lot. Other than these activites, I also read up on business books, as I feel that this is the only way to build up my financial literacy, which will aid me in understanding the context as to how the real world operates today.